Training and Courses at TESS

We deliver different industry specific trainings, employability and academic skills courses.
Which includes:

Customised training

We offer customised training in the following sectors: Oil and Gas, Education (including application for Fellowship with AdvanceHE, UK) Tourism, Travel and Hospitality, Agriculture, Transportation, Aviation, Banking, Construction, Legislation, ICT (Including Cybersecurity, digital marketing, etc.), Entertainment, etc.

Employability Skills

We teach employability skills in the following Area: Core skills, competencies and personal attributes, and external awareness. Employability skills are the essential skills, personal qualities, and values that enable you to thrive in any workplace globally. These are also called ‘Soft skills’, ‘enterprise skills’, ‘communication skills’ or ‘workplace skills’.
Employers globally look for students and graduates who can demonstrate these skills. TESS has well-designed trainings that are unique and tailored as well as transferable to different sectors and industries at operational, strategic, and corporate levels. At the start of the course, you are asked to audit your employability skills in order to identify the areas that require intervention and development.

Academic Skills

The ability to succeed in study at higher and further education, and in many careers is increasingly dependent on the development of a variety of intellectual and transferable competencies and skills. Academic skills are the abilities, strategies and habits that can help learners succeed in an academic setting. They generally build on students' mastery of literacy and technical subjects.
Developing academic skills may help improve the ability to learn, take tests, interact with other students and complete projects. Many of these skills also apply to other parts of life, particularly professional settings. Academic skills include the use of IT, numeracy, academic literacy, problem solving, critical thinking, working with others and research skills.
Enrolling on the Academic skills course at TESS will not only empower you with knowledge and intellectual development but also personal development. We urge you to start your global further and higher education journey with TESS, where you are encouraged to consider your experiences and skills you have developed so far in your education and career to date.

Foundation programmes

Our Level 3 qualifications enhance subject knowledge and study skills, preparing you for undergraduate courses at prestigious UK universities. UCAS allocates tariff points to these regulated qualifications, ensuring a seamless transition to higher education.

Undergraduate programmes

Our Level 4 diploma qualifications (with 120 credits) are equivalent to the first year of UK bachelor's degree. You can progress to Level 5 and 6. Completing any of the Levels qualifications opens doors for progression to higher education in UK universities.

Postgraduate programmes

Our postgraduate diplomas, taught at level 7 on the RQF, align with Master's degrees. These shorter courses (120 credits) pave the way for a full Masters (MSc/MA) or an MBA, with a dissertation stage (60 credits) to be completed in collaboration with a university.

Employability Training Offers

Some of our employability training on offer are:

Are you ready to take your education to the next level?

Are you ambitious and want to push your career further? Are you craving a personal challenge to gain a globally recognised qualification and certification? Do you want to gain an internationally recognised qualification and certification with flexibility, reasonable prices, and differentiated tutor support, in a scenery environment? Whatever your reasons for blended or online learning and training, TESS can help.